"ARIBERT", second Christophe Aribert's book

The 2-star Chef, Christophe Aribert, has published his second book. More personal, it bears witness to a style of cuisinewhich is more mature than ever, to be discovered through the fifty recipes presented in the book.  
More than a cookery book, it is an introspective journey in which Christophe Aribert reveals the sources of inspiration which make his cuisine so unique. A sensorial and instinctive style, which plays with textures, tastes and colours. 

Decipher Christopher Aribert's creations prepared with the ingredients which constitute the DNA of his cuisine. Ingredients which come from his personal and local world or from more distant horizons and from which he extracts the very essence. The photos by Benoit Linero and the lively text by Pierrick Jégu, a journalist at l’Express, cleverly reflect the chef's unique alchemy; the humility of a man who loves his region and the evocative power of taste.