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Settlement of Consumer Disputes

In accordance with Ordinance No. 2015-1033 of August 20, 2015, its implementing decree No. 2015-1382 of October 30, 2015,
Articles L.611 to L.616 and R612 to R616 of the Consumer Code,
the customer consumer, subject to article L.152-2 of the consumer code, has the right to submit a request for amicable resolution by way of mediation,
within a period of less than one year from the date of his written complaint to the professional.

This establishment has designated MEDIATION TOURISME ET VOYAGE as a consumer mediation entity, by signing an agreement registered under number UMIH38
To seize the mediator, the consumer must formulate his request:

- Either in writing to:

BP 80303
75823 PARIS Cedex 17

- Either by email to: contact@sasmediationsolution-conso.fr

- Either by completing the online form entitled "Seize the mediator" on the site https://www.sasmediationsolution-conso.fr/

Regardless of the means of referral used, the request must imperatively contain:

- The applicant's postal, telephone and electronic contact details,
- The name and address of the professional concerned,
- The agreement number: UMIH38
- A brief statement of the facts,
- A copy of the prior request sent to the professional.