Christophe Aribert's cuisine

The Chef Christophe Aribert's career

Originally from the Vercors, Christophe ARIBERT has been at the helm of the kitchens of some of the top restaurants in France before becoming the Chef of Les Terrasses in Uriage-les-Bains.

Born in Grenoble in 1971, Christophe Aribert attended the hotel school in the capital of Isèrebefore starting his career at the Hotel Beau Rivage in Condrieu in 1991. After a period at the Restaurant de la Terrasse, under Gérard Antonin, in Ain, he joined the team of Les Terrasses in Uriage-les-Bains for the first time, where he continued his training for two years. In 1995, he headed for the capital, and joined the Tour d'Argent and then Les Ambassadeurs, the Hotel de Crillon’s restaurant, which, at that time, wasmanaged by Christian Constant. 1997 marked Christophe Aribert's return to "his" mountains and Les Terrasses. Firstly, as the Sous-Chef, before taking over the running of the kitchen in 2004. He has given it his own style and has updated the menu but has continued to maintain the same standard of excellence, hailed by two Michelin stars and four Gault-Millau toques. In 2009, he won the culinary photography competition in Oloron Sainte-Marie and, since 2010, his name has beenon the menu of the Garnier Opera' restaurant in Paris. In 2013, "ARIBERT", the second book of the Chef, was launched with the complicity of Benoit Linéro for the pictures,   Pierrick Jégu for texts and  Georges Riu for design. This book has been elected best gourmet book of the year 2013 by Le Figaro.

Christophe Aribert at the Grand Hotel Restaurant Uriage

Instinctive cuisine and regional produce

Christophe Aribert, assisted by a loyal and experienced team, offers inventive cuisine partly inspired by the produce of his region in which taste imposes its presence with great delicacy.

Christophe Aribert is an instinctive Chef. His many sources of inspiration transport him along a variety of paths, but his cuisine has its own unique personality forged by a career spanning 25 years.Whether the products he uses are emblematic of Vercors and Dauphiné - trout, fish from the lake, crayfish, morel mushrooms, walnuts from Grenoble, mountain herbs or Voiron antésite - or from more distant lands, he extracts the essence of each one of them to invent dishes of an extreme subtlety. Creativity and daring always join forces with great delicacy in a constant search for balance and harmony, an ambition achieved thanks to perfect technical skills and attention to even the smallest detail. Opening the menu of Les Terrasses in Uriage-les-Bains is an invitation into the unique world of Christophe Aribert and a journey into a world of cuisine which resembles its creator: unpretentious, infinitely delicate and unremittingly sincere in order to impose the very truest notion of taste.